Thursday, March 31, 2011

Canned Tomato Quiche

Thanks to a great effort with friends and family last fall, we've had a cupboard full of canned tomatoes all winter.  Now, on March 31 when Spring is reportedly springing in cities other than Chicago, we are faced with the wonderfully high class problem of eating everything we have left so that we can be ready for ramps and other sources of happiness.  This weekend's solution was a tomato quiche inspired by the tartes in Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook. We also did two canned corn quiche, one with and one without hotsie totsie. 

We used two and a half pint jars of cherry tomatoes, removing the most intact and roasting them for about 30 minutes to dry them slightly.  The canning liquid was reduced down to 2 cups, per the recipe and then added to eggs from Temple Farm Organics which are ridiculously fresh each week at the Logan Square Farmer's Market

If you are thinking "wow, that looks great, but you really should have focused the camera", then you are having the same thought I did.  Camera phone quality pic aside, the quiche did look great, but it was a little bit disappointing.  The tomato juice with the eggs did not set as well as we wanted and while it was tasty, the texture was not great.

Happily, we also tried some canned corn quiche, using the same ratios and found the texture much better as the starches set with the eggs and was more of a custard-like texture.

On the right is the corn quiche with Hotsie Totsie - canned garden peppers from last year.  It was the best as the corn alone was fairly sweet, but all were eaten happily.