Monday, June 1, 2009

No Sale at Green City Market this week

Slow Food will have a table at the Green City Market this week, but they will not be selling plants. If you are looking for a plant, you'll have to meet us at Uncommon Ground on Devon on Friday afternoon. We will have all of the plants at Uncommon and will look to sell them all on Friday.

Again - no sale at Green City Market this week, but lots of plants at Uncommon Ground on Devon on Friday!


  1. Damien,

    My friend Gina is wondering if you have a complete list of tomatoes being sold on Friday. Shoot me an email if you see this in time.

  2. Oops, never mind I just saw the post below. I'll send her a link to it.

  3. So glad MBT passed this blog along to me. I'm a tomato freak! I'll be at Uncommon Ground this friday to purchase some of these great heirloom tomatoes. I would love to plant one of every single variety, but since I don't have THAT much space in my garden, I'll do a little research and pick a few good ones to try.

    Also looking forward to connecting with other tomato growers this summer and comparing notes/pics.

  4. Gina -

    So glad you found us - once again, I owe more thanks to MBT for spreading the word.

    Please feel free to post any questions ahead of the event. I'm happy to share any experience I have with the varieties. Personal favorites include the Tess's Land Race Currant for a tiny cherry, Japanese Black Trifele and Paul Robeson for darker varieties, and, if you have really good sun and can bring beefsteak's to ripeness, the Kellogg's Breakfast was great last year as a jumbo slicer.


  5. Hi Damien! Well, since you offered, I'm looking for tomatoes that will make great marinara sauce and some that'll make great salsa. I would love to can enough to last us the entire year. Also want a really sweet cherry-type tomoto for salads. What would you recommend?

  6. Gina -

    For the marinara sauce, I lived quite happily all winter of frozen packets of marinara that I made from a combo of red tomatoes. I understand that this is not the pure of methods, but it allowed us to use bruised tomatoes and otherwise imperfect specimens, increasing our overall yield. Because this worked well, I did not order the sauce tomatoes this year. Those varieties are great for sauce becuase of their denser flesh, but they are less interesting to eat off the vine, which is where most of my happiness comes from. I have two other secrets to marinara (one at harvest, one in the kitchen) - remind me and I will post them down the road.

    For Salsa, Cuor di Bue is delicious; Bright red and full of flavor. You might also try a True Black BrandyWine or a Paul Robeson for a deeper colored salsa. A Brandywine could pair quite well with a Kellogg's Breakfast of Dad's Sunset, both of which are pretty yellow / orange varieties and give great color.

    There are a bunch of Cherries on the list. We did quite well with Tess's Land Race and Riesnetraube last year. Tess's is smaller and went all year. Riesentraube is slightly larger and did well for an extended period too. The Black Cherry was fabulous, but lower yielding. I am not sure that I had it in the best spot last year though, so I might be giving it an unfair rap. Thai Pink Egg and Pearly Pink Cherry are both new to me this year.

    Hope this helps.