Monday, June 15, 2009

An update from the Barras

Following a terrific visit from Martha and Charlie Barra during which they were more than happy to support my non-traditional schemes (not many winery owners come to Chicago in order to sell tomatoes), I just recieved this update from Martha in Mendocino:

Here's a funny one for you. After seeing Damien's brother's (and parents') gardens, Charlie came home really jazzed. So, Saturday we had three employees here working in the yard. He planted four more really huge tomato plants, beet seeds, squash, etc., all just in case someone from Chicago came to visit!

I am not sure Charlie needs much inspiration to grow anything, but we sure appreciated his help last weekend chipping branches and mulching out in the Western Suburbs. Martha and Charlie will keep us posted with pictures of their garden and tomatoes as the plants grow. With luck, I, or someone from Candid, will make it out to Mendocino this summer for a closer look as well. Amazing, the power of TomatoFest, no?

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