Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm giving away two tickets to Baconfest Chicago 2011

YOU:  An heirloom tomato lover desperately seeking tickets to the sold out Baconfest Chicago 2011.

ME: An urban community garden in Chicago desperately seeking fruit trees to attract bees and grow fruit.

YOU: Willing to donate $10 to me for a chance to win two tickets to Baconfest Chicago.

ME:  Willing to give away my two tickets to the sold-out BaconFest Chicago happening THIS WEEKEND at UIC to one lucky winner from everyone who donates $10 to me (Slow Food Chicago's preSERVE Community garden) between noon today, April 7 2011 and 10:00 AM tomorrow morning, April 8th.

YOU: Not reading this blog anymore, already googling Slow Food Chicago and preSERVE, and donating $10 again and again for multiple chances to win.

ME: Wondering why you quit reading when the link to our donation page is right here: Slow Food Chicago's preSERVE Community garden

YOU: Donating for a chance to win.

ME: Saying thank you to Slow Food Chicago for all the work they do for me and to all the volunteers who will come and help on my first volunteer day on April 16th.  You should come too!  Thaks also to Candid Wines, the wine sponsor of Baconfest Chicago and the folks who provided these tickets. 

The Fine Print:
The winner will be drawn at random from everyone who donates $10 between 11:45 on April 7 2011 and 10:00 AM on April 8th 2011.
The winner will be notified by email and will then be contacted by the good folks at BaconFest Chicago during the day on Friday.
Each donation of $10 qualifies for one chance to win.  Multiple donations can be made.
The winner will be picked at random by members of the board of Slow Food Chicago.
All proceeds go to Slow Food Chicago, a 501c3, and will be used for the preSERVE garden. 

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