Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to seduce a renowned food writer (and why your neighbor might be more important)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the attention of a few national figures who drive forward the cause of good food. 

Well, screaming might not be what we do, more like try to share the passion we have for our small local projects with people who might in turn promote the efforts of our collaborators and friends.  In our case, we hope you might have read our "Open Letter to Ruth Reichl" posted a few days ago.   Happily, Ms. Reichl noticed too and in a Twitter exchange commented: @tomatofest Yes, I saw it, and was so sorry not to get there. I will definitely make it on my next trip to Chicago!

How cool is that?  I can imagine the garden party now...

Fact is though, as flattering as one person's attention might be, and we are flattered indeed that our project appeals to Ms. Reichl's sensibilities, what is more important is the attention of our friends and neighbors here in Chicago.  Our efforts to support a garden are for and about the N. Lawndale community in particular and the health of the city in general.  Without the work of our friends and nieghbors, who gathered in April to truck in compost and long before that to draw up the plans, the garden would not be a reality.   The preSERVES program is a test run to see if Slow Food Chicago, Neighbor-Space and communities can come together to tackle a garden at a time small pieces of the problems related to food supply, urban blight, and all the nasty issues that are prone to arise in food deserts, or anywhere else with a culture of take-out, convenience-first, nutrition-second eating.   The good work being done by these people will draw more and more people into the web of delicious, locally grown food, and that is worth celebrating.

It really is cool that two national figures have embraced what we are doing, but what is spectacular is the effort on the ground. 

Want to help?  You can, one bite at a time.  Join us for our Chicago TomatoFest Potluck on September 9th at The Honey Coop, and "Buy a sandwich, Build a Garden" over the next month at some of Chicago's leading restaurants.

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