Friday, August 21, 2009

Pizzeria Via Stato BLT Sales increase 830%

With the arrival of locally grown heirloom tomatoes and their delicious use of Slagel Farms bacon, Pizzeria Via Stato has seen sales of their BLT lunch special increase by 830% since the Old School BLT Bonanza began as compared to average sales of their BLT in July.

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  1. Damien,

    Thanks again for recommending OVS. I gave them a link on my BLT Bonanza post because the food was great and the service was awesome.

    I managed to sample some of the tomatoes in a salad and as garnish and they were delicious. Renee liked the wine too and you got praise from her for the suggestion. I was worried about that because she's surrounded by wine growers and drink it every day.

    Thanks again.